Is it time for school…oh, yeah, we homeschool…

So today as my precious Kiki was jabbering her head off (which is basically, a typical day!) I was wondering "geez, is it time for her to go back to school?" and then I realized, oh, yeah, like that’s gonna really help me out.  HA.  Okay, honestly, I love homeschooling.  Part of my reason for doing it was because I really didn’t want to give up my only child all day, every day.  I would really, really miss her!  It’s mostly when the husband and I are trying to have some sort of real conversation and she just has to be in on it.  Which is one of the deals of an only child – there is no real deliniation of "parents here/kids here"… it’s like we are one big group of three.  She honestly believes she and I are on equal par. (Her dad and I are really trying to dispel that myth.)   She said to me the other day "it’s not fair; you get to sleep with daddy every night, and I only get to sleep with him when you’re gone."  Um, yeah, ’cause he is like, MY husband!!!  She’s a funny kid!   

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