Up all night

So, I should be in bed right now…Alan asked me if I would please mow the lawn tomorrow, and as it is expected to be about 110 degrees tomorrow, I suppose I ought to do it early – but that would mean getting out of bed at, like, 7am, and since it’s nearly 1am now, I’d really rather sleep til about 10.  Maybe 11.  I am so not a morning person.  Kiki knows if mama’s snoring, you might as well just go turn on the TV.  We  haven’t got cable or dish or anything, so she can only watch PBS…how bad can that be?? 
I wonder if anyone will ever discover my space and read my blog…and then actually return?  Is it rather, well, conceited to think someone out there might actually care about what I have to say?  Or, rather, ramble on about?  It is more fun than journaling on paper, regardless.
I guess it won’t hurt me to mow the lawn a bit later on – I have a lot of fat to sweat off…so I lose weight or get heatstroke…I’ll let you know.

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