okay, heatstroke it is

It was already 85 degrees when I woke up…which, by the way, I only did because the phone rang.  I knew it was probably family and I didn’t want them to know I was still in bed (it was about 9:30am)  It was my mom, she and my sister were out shopping – without me, so I am feeling sorry for myself but we’ll talk about that another time, shall we?  Then I decided to make a pot of coffee because I am useless without my caffeine injection…and we are OUT of coffee!  How can this happen??  So now I am really feeling sorry for myself, which is how I totally justified going out to buy a mocha even tho I promised Alan I’d quit (we are broke broke broke)…but I HAVE to have the caffeine!  How else could he even expect me to mow that lawn, I ask you??  Of course, then I had to buy a couple chocolate chip scones for Kiki and myself – I mean, since I was feeling sorry for myself and all.  So that totally blows the whole "mowing the lawn is exercise and will help me lose weight" deal.  Not to mention that by the time this was all said and done the cloud cover had moved on and the sun beat down on me…I finished mowing over 2 hours ago, and I think my face is almost back to it’s normal color, rather than beet-red.  Kiki just gave me a big hug, and told me "I’ve wanted a hug all day, but you were kind of, well, sweaty." 
Now I need to make us lunch, then clean house a bit.  The mother-in-law is coming in a couple weeks.  Enuf said.  Alan told me he sold one of our couches today, and they’ll be by to pick it up, probably, tomorrow.  So the house cannot look as it does now.  I hope they really do buy it…then maybe we can afford to give our daughter a birthday party next month.  We are rearranging the rooms in the house again – this is like the 5th time in the past year…I mean completely like, "your bedroom is now my bedroom and the office is the den and your bedroom will now be the schoolroom and the playroom and well, no, that doesn’t work so I’ll move the treadmill – by myself, smashing a hole in the drywall – and then, oh shoot, the rats are too hot upstairs so we’ll put them in the den, oh wait, now that’s going to be the master bedroom, so maybe we’ll put your bedroom in the closet…or would you prefer the pantry?"  About the only thing I haven’t moved is the bathrooms, and I probably would if I could…I’m just that crazy.  Or ADD.  OR something.

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  1. I just got done blogging that summer sucks, and it looks like most people agree with me! As far as heat goes, anyway.
    Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving a comment. I hope you\’ll visit again soon!

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