The Party’s Over

      Well, it was fun while it lasted!  My vacation from life was completely enjoyable!  Now it’s back to life-as-usual…somtimes not so completely enjoyable!  My daughter’s "stage debut" was Saturday…after the early showing, my husb. and I wondered how in the world we were going to sit thru that one more time!!  Cute but, wow, like get to the point here, folks!  Actually, I liked it more the 2nd time around…guess I knew what to expect.  Kiki was a duck….she quacked and said the word "he" (her one word of the entire duck’s line together!) about 4 times, I think.  She LOVED it.  I always knew she was a drama queen!  I guess – comedy queen?  Anyhoo, this is her calling I think.  For the entire week of drama camp she didn’t whine once…not about getting up early, not about being there all day long, nothing.  Wow.  So unlike her! 

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